How It Works


Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read is the perfect solution for parents looking to help their children . . .

  • Get ready to start school. Hooked on Phonics is a proven, expert-designed Kindergarten-Readiness Reading Program.
  • Become a stronger reader. Hooked on Phonics helps ensure that your child receives systematic instruction in essential decoding skills.
  • Become a confident reader. Hooked on Phonics has a proven method of teaching kids that guarantees reading success. Research shows that confident readers become confident learners.

Hooked on Phonics is a complete system designed to make learning how to read simple—and fun. Kids can use this program on their own, with just a little help—and a whole lot of encouragement—from their parents. Try to follow each lesson from start to finish, just one 10-minute session each day—or whatever works with your schedule. Return to any lesson as many times as you want, until your child is comfortable and confident with the new words and sounds.

What Is Phonics?

Phonics is a proven method of teaching reading based on sounding out letters to read words. For instance, let’s say that your child learns that the letter i makes the -i sound and the letter t makes the -t sound. When she reads these sounds together: i + t she has it. She learned to read the word it. It’s that’s simple!

Aligned with State Standards and Common Core

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read is designed by experts to align with the reading standards throughout the 50 states in the U.S. The lessons, song, games, and eBooks in this program are based on a proven formula for phonics instruction that solidly aligns with the Common Core Foundational Reading Skills for Kindergarten.

Specifically, Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Classroom systematically teaches the following CC Reading Foundational Skills:

  • Print Concepts
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Letter-Sound Correspondence
  • High-Frequency Word Recognition

What You Do

Every lesson follows this pattern: Learn… Practice… Read… Celebrate Success

Watch the music video to learn the sounds in the lesson.

Click on the beginning letters to blend the sounds together.

Push the different letter sounds together to build words.

Listen to the word said aloud then click on the correct speech bubble.

Your child shows off what she has learned by reading her very own story—either on her own or with a little bit of help from you. If she has any troubles, just go back and practice the previous activities until she’s ready to move on. There’s no rush. Just have fun learning!

Each lesson ends with a star celebration, congratulating your child on what she just learned. Move on to the next lesson.

Special Helper Words


Note that in some Lessons, there is a bonus Sight Word activity. Your child will watch the video and repeat the sight words being said aloud in order to memorize them and help master the words needed to read the eBook at the end of the lesson. When your child is comfortable with all the lessons in a Step, she is ready to move on to the next Step. If she has any troubles, go back and work on the skills in the previous Step.

The Big Picture

Encourage your child to play with each Hooked on Phonics app until he can easily read the words taught in it. For additional practice, download the Hooked on Phonics eBooks one row at a time. They will give your child opportunities to read the words he just learned and make him feel proud of his accomplishments. Even though children enjoy these apps, Hooked on Phonics apps and eBooks are unlike video games where children are encouraged to rush through each level and move on to the next. When learning how to read, your child should go at his own pace and not move on to the next level until he has mastered the previous level. This system is comprehensive, so if your child is experiencing difficulties with anything, go back and review the previous Step. Remember, learning to read should be fun, and can be when your child feels a sense of pride and accomplishment, as well as support from you.


There’s nothing quite like the joy of seeing the “light” go on in your child as she reads a book on her own for the very first time. Hooked on Phonics eBooks are a great way for your child to practice and display her new skills to her siblings, friends, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.

There is one story at the end of each Step’s lesson as well as additional eBooks included with your subscription as an added value, which can be found on the same row as the unit your child is working on. We encourage you to use the “Share” function frequently to post your child’s accomplishments and progress on Facebook. The more praise your child gets for reading, the better!

Celebrate with Personalized Trophies

Personalize his trophy by with fun handles

To celebrate your child’s success and to help motivate him to progress through the lessons, your child will earn and be able to decorate trophies! Every completed activity earns one star point. These points are collected at the end of each lesson after reading that lesson’s eBook.

Then, your child can visit the trophy display and “spend” star points to personalize his trophy with fun handles, ribbons, googly eyes, and dozens of other features. The counter holds up to 99 stars, and there are decorations galore! After completing three Steps, your child will earn a new, customizable trophy.

So, encourage your child to keep practicing his Hooked on Phonics apps and eBooks in order to earn fantastic trophies… and (more importantly) to become a great reader.